Yangzhou Jiuneng New Materials Co., Ltd. has a construction area of 24808 ㎡. The powder metallurgy industry chain has been operating for more than 15 years on the basis of the former Yangzhou Energy Gathering Metal Products Technology Co., Ltd.

Customizable design to meet any of your needs

● Our technicians will provide technical support from the initial design stage of the product, with years of experience and rich information gained in cooperation with a wide range of industries including auto parts, home appliances, etc., to provide customers with suitable solutions.

Have the ability of independent research and development

The numerous invention patents and utility models we hold are the embodiment of our technical strength.

● In order to meet the needs of customers, our products are constantly improving.

Stable management foundation

:: Having a sound financial system and a sound financial system,
With many large high-quality enterprises to maintain a good long-term cooperative relations.
● As an independent operating company, we maintain trading relationships with a wide range of industries.