Company History


In the future, it will become a well-known supplier of customized powder metallurgy components in the world.


Set up a Vietnamese subsidiary, layout in Southeast Asia, towards internationalization.

October 2023

Jiuneng New Material was completed and accepted and obtained the warrant. The relocation was started in October and entered the production state on October 10.

June 2022

Yangzhou Jiuneng New Materials Co., Ltd. has a construction area of 24808 ㎡, and a new project has been started.

June 2021

The company's Chengnan New District acquired 38 acres of land, prepared to build a 5000-ton alloy new material project, and established Yangzhou Jiuneng New Materials Co., Ltd. on June 15, 2021.


The company's use of space increased by 5500 ㎡, and the invoicing sales volume was 0.105 billion RMB (group) and the transformer capacity was increased to 1000KV.

December 2020

The company has established a strategic partner project for gearbox components, and the terminal supports the diversified development of well-known enterprises of Xiaomi, Quanfeng and Panasonic. The company implements ERP production digital management system. In that year, invoicing sales exceeded 70 million RMB.


The company began to promote production automation, intelligent, product inspection visualization, open the era of industrial automation 3.0.

March 2017

The company established a supporting industrial chain supporting project for heat treatment machining of C.

December 2015

The company obtained ISO9001.2015 version of the quality system certificate.

June 2013

The company established precision mold industry chain supporting projects.

December 2012

The company obtained the ISO9000 quality system, when the company entered the world's top 500 TTI power tool supply chain, set up the power tools powder metallurgy-led industrial base.

September 2011

The company's turnover and invoicing sales exceeded 10 million RMB.

December 2009

Yangzhou Energy Gathering Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established to engage in the production and sales of powder metallurgy products, with a leased site of 1200 ㎡.

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