Jiuneng Patent

Automatic screening and discharging device for powder metallurgy forming manipulator

Surface finish detection equipment for powder metallurgy parts

Sweep-suction integrated dust removal equipment for powder metallurgy forming

Equipment for integrated detection of torsion and tension of powder metallurgy parts

Energy-gathering patent

Powder metallurgy gear pressing mold

Surface treatment device for powder metallurgy parts

Air tightness detection equipment for powder metallurgy parts

Automatic shaper for powder metallurgy products

Planetary gear with high precision and high strength

High-precision firm sun gear

Metal product fitting processing device

Wear-resistant motor rear seat bearing

Wear-resistant type sun gear

A new type of high-strength internal gear ring

A New Type of Stable Motor Gear

Long-life planetary gear mechanism

One-time forming porous eccentric step helical gear and processing technology

Multi-module automatic forming system for powder metallurgy parts

The Intelligent Control System of Planetary Gear Carrier Automatic Shaft