Advantages of Using Powder Metallurgy to Manufacture Automobile and Motorcycle Parts

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2024-02-04 09:28

Powder metallurgy is a technology that uses metal powder (including those mixed with non-metallic powder) as raw materials and uses molding-sintering to manufacture materials and products. Broadly speaking, it also includes the use of other raw materials by forming-sintering manufacturing materials and articles of technology.

Powder metallurgy parts for automobiles and motorcycles include: cams, gears, sprockets, rods, fasteners, structural brackets, bearings, impellers and hydraulic parts, etc.

Powder metallurgy parts for automobiles and motorcycles can reduce costs because the powder metallurgy process has the following advantages:

1. The material utilization rate is high, that is, material saving.

2. Low energy consumption, that is, energy saving.

3. The larger the production volume, the lower the production cost, which is very suitable for the mass production of the steam-motorcycle industry.

4. According to the use function of the parts, the appropriate material composition can be prepared.

5. Combination of sintering, injection molding and other methods can be used to manufacture parts with complex shapes that cannot be manufactured by any cutting method, which can meet the needs of continuous updating of product models in the steam-motorcycle industry.

When manufacturing mechanical structural parts by powder metallurgy, the radial dimension tolerance accuracy and surface roughness are second only to grinding.

7. The powder metallurgy plant with advanced equipment has a good working environment and no noise hazard to workers or around the factory.

Powder metallurgy parts do not produce any toxic substances that need to be treated, nor do they add any polluting substances to the human ecosystem.

For the production of new varieties of parts, powder metallurgy investment is much lower than other production methods.

It is precisely because powder metallurgy has so many advantages that the main foreign market for powder metallurgy is the automobile and motorcycle industry, and its rise and fall depends on the market situation of automobiles and motorcycles.

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