Comprehensive Basic Knowledge of Powder Metallurgy

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2024-02-04 09:27

manufacturing method of powder:

1. Gas spray method:

Commonly used in the manufacture of aluminum powder, alloy powder and other easily oxidized powder, due to the use of inert gas, the manufacture of powder of high purity, spherical appearance and high accumulation.

2. Water spray method:

The shape of the powder produced by the water spray method is irregular, and its disadvantage is that its oxygen content is slightly higher. But its production cost is low.

3. Reduction method:

The common metal powder of this method is iron powder, which is obtained by reducing iron oxide FeO with hydrogen. Due to the low density and large volume of iron oxide powder, it will leave holes after being reduced, so its shape is irregular and there are holes inside, commonly known as sponge iron powder.

4. Centrifugation method:

In addition to spraying the molten metal into powder by the momentum of water or gas, the principle of centrifugal force can also be used to throw out the molten metal drops. Although the powder produced by this method is relatively high in cost, it has less pollution and is suitable for making active metals, such as titanium.

5. Mechanical alloy method:

For some brittle metals, if the impact can be crushed, so as long as the continuous impact can be obtained after finer and in line with the specifications of the powder.

6. Electrolysis method:

Common is electrolytic copper and electrolytic iron powder. Its high purity, good compressibility, good embryo strength. Its shape is dendritic. But the manufacturing cost is too high.

7. Chemical decomposition method:

Common powders are ferylene-based iron powder and ferylene-based nickel powder. Its powder shape is spherical, needle, chain and so on. Spherical iron powder is generally used in MIM, soft magnetic materials, microwave absorbing materials, etc.

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