What are the factors that affect the price evaluation of powder metallurgy products?

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2024-02-04 09:26

The price of powder metallurgy is evaluated according to the requirements of the product, the material, the accuracy, and the complexity of the structure. Procurement volume is also a factor affecting the evaluation.

Different materials of powder metallurgy products prices are not the same, the industry commonly used materials are iron-based, copper-based, copper-based, stainless steel and so on. Then there is the difference between environmental protection and non-environmental protection, whether it is necessary to provide rohs certification, etc., which are all related to the price of powder metallurgy. The same material with different material suppliers of powder, to achieve the effect is also different. The use of low-priced powder metallurgy raw materials also means that there is a risk of shoddy. All our raw materials in Xiangyu are purchased in batches from large regular manufacturers such as WISCO and Angang. The quality is controlled from the source. Although the price is expensive, the purchase price is relatively low because we have long-term cooperation with several suppliers and purchase in large quantities.

Regarding the accuracy of powder metallurgy, some customers believe that the higher the accuracy requirements, the better, which is theoretically correct. However, in actual production, many times the precision requirements are higher than a few wires, the materials used in the mold, and the control of the process will change, and the cost will rise a lot, even double or double. Therefore, when we Xiangyu evaluate each drawing, we will take into account the cost, and give appropriate suggestions according to the customer's purpose without affecting the use, so as to save the cost for the customer as much as possible.

Regarding the complexity of the structure, simple products such as straight-body bushings and round products such as ball bearings will be cheaper because the products are simple, the mold production is simple, and the production does not require too many special controls. However, gears and other structural parts are irregular, and the molds need computer gongs, engraving, electric welding, wire walking and other processes, so the mold cost will be slightly more expensive. Some chamfers, horizontal holes, threads, multiple steps, blackening, heat treatment and electroplating cannot be realized through molds, and those that need post-processing are all related to the price of powder metallurgy.

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