Powder metallurgy electroplating treatment

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2019-11-21 11:01

The current popular method for electroplating of powder metallurgy products is to close the pores of porous parts such as powder products with resins, waxes or some molten compounds. The method of filling pores is used to avoid the problems caused by incomplete cleaning. At the same time, the selected powder metallurgy electroplating process should try to avoid the strong corrosive or corrosion-promoting medium of the solution used, such as avoiding chlorine ions and other substances in the solution.

To fill the hole, high temperature baking must be used to remove oil smoke before filling, so that the oil retained in the hole can be removed to help the entry and combination of sealing agent. After removing the oil, the resin can be soaked for sealing. The vacuum filling effect is better than simple soaking. General products are commonly used in 150-180 degrees of zinc stearate immersion, sealing effect is also good, but the powder metallurgy electroplating process should avoid the use of strong acid to avoid the dissolution of closed materials.

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