Rapid Development of Powder Metallurgy Industry and Technology

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2024-02-04 09:25

China's powder metallurgy industry has gone through nearly 10 years of rapid development, but with the same industry abroad there are still the following aspects of the gap:(1) many enterprises, small scale, economic benefits and foreign enterprises vary greatly. (2) Product crossover, companies undercutting each other's prices, and competition is fierce. (3) Most enterprises lack technical support, backward research and development capabilities, and low-grade products, making it difficult to compete with foreign countries. (4) lack of re investment and distress. (5) The process equipment and supporting facilities are backward. (6) Less product exports and poor trade channels. With China's accession to the WTO, the above shortcomings and weaknesses will be improved, this is because after joining the WTO, the market gradually internationalized, powder metallurgy market will be further expanded opportunities; and at the same time, with the entry of foreign funds and technology, powder metallurgy And related technical level will also be improved and developed.

According to the data of "2013-2017 China's powder metallurgy manufacturing industry production and marketing demand forecast and transformation and upgrading analysis report", at present, the total output value of China's powder metallurgy parts and oil bearing exceeds 5.5 billion yuan, accounting for a small proportion of the global market, and the development space is also relatively broad. According to the statistics of 53 enterprises by the Powder Metallurgy Professional Association of China Machinery Association, in 2010, China's powder metallurgy parts industry achieved a main business income of 4.841 billion billion yuan, an increase of 39.75 percent over the same period last year. The total profit was 0.376 billion billion yuan, double that of the previous year. In terms of output value, the powder metallurgy parts industry achieved a total industrial output value of 5.057 billion yuan, of which the new product output value was 0.628 billion yuan, and the new product rate (new product output value/total industrial output value) was 12.37; the industrial sales output value was 4.973 billion yuan, of which the export delivery value was 0.628 billion yuan, and the export rate (export delivery value/industrial sales output value) was 16.62. From the scale of production and marketing, according to the China Association of Powder Metallurgy Professional Association of 53 enterprises statistics show that in 2010 China's powder metallurgy parts industry to achieve output of 163600 tons, an increase of 39.40; sales of 161700 tons, an increase of 43.15. Through the continuous introduction of foreign advanced technology and independent development and innovation, China's powder metallurgy industry and technology have shown a trend of rapid development. It is one of the fast-growing industries in China's machinery general parts industry. The output value of the national powder metallurgy industry is increasing at a rate of 35% every year.

The global manufacturing industry is accelerating its transfer to China. The rapid development of the automobile industry, machinery manufacturing, metal industry, aerospace, instrumentation, hardware tools, construction machinery, electronic appliances and high-tech industries has brought rare development opportunities and huge market space for the powder metallurgy industry. In addition, the powder metallurgy industry has been listed as a priority development and encourage foreign investment projects in China, with broad prospects for development.

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