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Service areas: electric tools, manual tools, communications, artificial intelligence, sewing machines,

general machinery, automobile and so on. It provides mechanical structural parts, oil bearing two

categories of powder metallurgy products.

Address: No. 9, Chaohu Road, Science and

Technology Industrial Park, Gaoyou Economic

Development Zone, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu

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To provide customers with P / M products with zero defects

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Learn about the recent development of polyenergetic metals

  • How

    How to get the perfect shape of powder metallurgy gear


    Powder metallurgy is a very ideal processing technology. The products it produces are excellent in both performance and quality, and have been recognized, recognized and widely used by various industries.

  • Powder

    Powder metallurgy plating


    For the electroplating treatment of powder metallurgy products, the current popular method is to seal the pores of porous parts such as powder products with resin

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