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Service areas: electric tools, manual tools, communications, artificial intelligence, sewing machines,

general machinery, automobile and so on. It provides mechanical structural parts, oil bearing two

categories of powder metallurgy products.

Address: No. 9, Chaohu Road, Science and

Technology Industrial Park, Gaoyou Economic

Development Zone, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu

Copyright:Yangzhou Juneng Products Technology Co.,Ltd.     苏ICP备19068717号

To provide customers with P / M products with zero defects


Gather all the talents to provide professional services



Health, practical and innovative achievements


Business philosophy

Gather all the talents to provide professional services


Quality policy

Consistent Quality, technical innovation


Full staff convention

Do not steal the property of others. Take good care of public property, benefit others as well as oneself.

No swearing, no fighting Civilized speech, persuade through reasoning.

Do not litter everywhere, Garbage into barrels, debris returned to the place.

Don't spit and throw cigarette butts around; spit into the bowl, cigarette butts into the barrel.

Don't scribble on the toilet wall; urinate into the pool, stool into the pit.

Don't dress in disorder and strange clothes ; dress neatly, gracefully.

Don't be late or leave early or absence without reason; go to work on time and ask for leave.

Don't leave one's post without permission and neglect one's duty; be loyal to one's duty and hand over seriously.

Don't go against regulations; compliance with arrangements and regulations.

Don't do anything with potential safety hazards; safety first, prevention first. Safety first, prevention crucial.


The above all staff convention is the basic principle for all members of the company to abide by!